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Organizations I Currently Serve

I am active on the board of three organizations I believe the world desperately needs:


Global Footprint Network, which stands for building a world where all can thrive within the means of our planet. This organization supports decision-making with Ecological Footprint accounting, so all can succeed in a future of climate change and resource constraints.

Footprint Data Foundation or FoDaFo, which is the organization governing the National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts, with the ambition to be the neutral, academic steward of those Accounts. By separating this unrivalled databank from advocacy, FoDaFo seeks to enhance confidence in the data, gain acceptance in policy circles, and serve data-driven advocacy for ending overshoot around the world.

rePLANET which seeks ways to restore and conserve nature through private investments. This is urgently needed, because philanthropic and public resources alone are too small to address the current rate of ecological destruction. Also, this must be done well, since many schemes that offer carbon or biodiversity credits, are questionable. Therefore, rePLANET does this by focusing on high-quality carbon and biodiversity credits that are positive for nature and for society. Our goal is to ensure that at least 60% of the final price of any carbon or biodiversity credit generated by rePLANET returns to the stakeholders in the country. We also rigorously measure biodiversity improvements of the land we restore. I would also love to see credits used in a way that is planet positive, for instance by compensating at least double the damage. This then results in the biosphere being better off, beyond just neutralizing one’s damage.

I am also involved in corporate and public policy projects, and with other organizations, such as the Club of Rome, GAIA, CC35, and Soil to Soul

Which are the organizations you consider to be absolutely critical for the sustainability transformation? Let me know!

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