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Exploring More

If You Still Want to Know More…

The list below contains a few short pieces that I have written or contributed to:


On the benefits of thinking from a biological perspective.


On my obsession with overshoot.

On my policy “philosophy”.

On the Ecological Footprint and how it is calculated.


On country results from National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts.


On Earth Overshoot Day:


On my experience about how to engage so it makes a difference

On ways to think about engaging with others, with a longer piece on my and Global Footprint Network’s experience over the last three decades.


On the importance of resource security for poverty eradication with a shorter summary here.

On the need to move beyond the SDGs / Sustainable Development Goals, as they are far too weak.

On the power of possibility:

On cool, web-based footprint tools.

For more publications, check here.

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