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Testimonials about Mathis

Cheryl Parkins

Your approach is so unusual – clear, and positive.

Cole Emerson

This trip is truly one of the coolest things that I have gotten to do in my career and I’m grateful to have gotten to meet you as well as learn how you think about things! Very eye opening to me!

Ricardo Perez Restrepo

I'll be ever thankful for meeting Mathis, who is a hope-renewing thinker. His courage, honesty and creativity continue to do amaze me until this day. Above all from him I value how he walks his talk with humour and humility.

Amarjit Sahota, Founder, Ecovia Intelligence

Mathis gave an inspiring and engaging talk at our Sustainable Foods Summit. He spoke about ecological overshoot and the food system’s impossible imperatives. The talk was thought-provoking and raised many questions about how the food industry can address its impacts. Kudos to Mathis for inspiring the audience to take action.

Niki Skene

Climate change, global warming, sustainability. All those terms have become buzzwords, being used, overused, if not abused in both corporate and political arenas. Mathis brings a lot of clarity combining data and human needs: If you desire to separate signal from noise, you should have a conversation with Mathis. 

Marco Bo

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mathis on several occasions, and each of them has revealed to me his extraordinary ability to touch the right chords in the audience, with a language that always fits with the people in front of him. 

In the face of such momentous changes as those evoked by climate change, embracing a negative narrative all too often risks being the only way for those who have to communicate with the general public and influence decision-makers. A vision that, out of habit or fear in front of complex and overwhelming scenarios compared to the size of the individual, risks being paralysing and self-fulfilling.  

Mathis, on the contrary, manages to combine rigour in analysis with a vision that leaves room for reasonable hope and the positive role that each of us can play within the great change that awaits us. 

Tim Presbury

As a student fortunate enough to have attend Mathis Wackernagel's talk at the Norman Foster Foundation, I was left deeply inspired by his insights and vision for a sustainable future. Wackernagel's expertise in sustainability and ecological footprinting resonated profoundly with me, igniting a newfound passion for integrating environmental considerations into architectural practice.


Listening to Wackernagel speak, it became evident that his commitment to sustainability is not merely theoretical but deeply rooted in practical, actionable solutions. His discussion on the idea of overshoot and its implications for design challenged me to rethink the way we approach architecture and urban planning. Through compelling examples and data-driven analysis, he illustrated the urgent need for sustainability to be at the forefront of our decision-making processes.


What struck me most about Wackernagel's talk was his unwavering optimism and belief in our collective ability to effect positive change. Rather than dwelling on the challenges ahead, he emphasized the opportunities for innovation and collaboration in creating a more sustainable built environment. His enthusiasm was contagious, leaving me feeling empowered to contribute to the ongoing effort to build a more resilient future.


Overall, Wackernagel's talk has left a lasting impression on me, shaping my perspective as a future architect. His insights have not only expanded my understanding of sustainability but have also fueled my determination to integrate environmental considerations into my future design projects. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a visionary thinker at the Norman Foster Foundation.

When will we meet?

And if we have, what was your experience?

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